A possibility for the lowering of the IT costs in small and medium-size enterprises.

Computers become ever cheaper and ever more efficient. A software generation is replaced in shortest time by a new. Here step to hold means: constant new investments and high expenditure of time for the realization. Qualified technical personnel is available however not sufficiently.

The result of this development is a very high cost for the professional enterprise of the enterprise IT. This is the more problematic, since the requirements and needs of the users constantly rise - Terms such as e-Business, binding of the field service to the center data processing, establishment of home working places and setting-up of an entrance for suppliers and customers are in all mouth.

Do you work with the newest software generation? Do you use all possibilities of modern computer science, in order to arrange your cash transaction still more effective? Do you pay only what you also use? Are your data before unauthorized access safe? Do you profit from sufficiently qualified technical personnel? Does the occupation with IT divert it from the 100%igen concentration on your core authority? - Can you affirm these questions with calm conscience? If not, then you should itself intensively with ASP - Application service Providing - employ!

ASP, as Computing of the future, is a new kind of IT services. The offerer makes the use of - Softwareslution from the plug socket - for the user possible?, thus over the InterNet or other nets. The application programs on a server run with the ASP, the users access over a Browser or a local Client software on the server. It plays in principle no role, whether the coworkers of their firm job in the enterprise or from on the way over a secured a switched line access. Briefly: the user subscribes a service and receives the entrance to the system, with which he can work immediately.

NCT offers a new IT concept, which was developed particularly for small and medium-size enterprises, administrations and industry organizations and grants you outside of the usual office hours professional support to you! Thus we put to you a IT structure at the disposal, whom otherwise only large-scale enterprises with centralized data processing have.

You have an InterNet connection? OK! Then you can already profit from our "Application Service Providing". You have PC's in the employment? You work with Macintosh? You use older hardware? NO problem. You refer your Applicationen directly via InterNet - WITHOUT new investments, without reequipping your existing EDP system. And NCT provides for data security and the most current software-Versions. Large services take place according to your desires. All of this for it to fair and calculable costs - You pay only what you also use!

Our specialists in the ASP center ensure for the fact that you the software Applicationen "rund around the clock" are available (availability warranty > 99.5%), active-casual data safety devices to be accomplished and it the newest software-Versions to always use be able. They profit thereby from the technological level "State OF the Art" your IT, without having to engage even IT specialists. You can yourself completely on your core business concentrate!

Consider also a further fact: Although the PC prices constantly sink, the costs of the complete system, consisting of hardware, are operating system environment and user software disproportionately highly and badly calculable. Thus only recently studies of renowned economic research institutes (Gartner Group, Zona Researche) were published, in those the "Total the Cost OF Ownership" (TCO), the total costs PC of a job (purchase, installation, maintenance, support, update, training courses etc.) were thus indicated, on 7`500 to 20`000 CHF per year. About these numbers one can argue, stands firmly however - and over it are itself all experts united - the operating cost of traditional PC in LAN environments is underestimated and the hidden costs, how costs of constant supplement of the hardware, purchase completely new software Applicationen and/or frequent?Upgraten? as well as the expenditure of time for installation and support load in particular the budget of the small and medium-size enterprises enormously.

This case of cost can with transferred to ASP to be avoided. All maintenance and support activities takes over the ASP offerer, why within this range no costs of the user result. Also the costs of the armament of the hardware are void, since a performantes system is guaranteed to you.

To know importantly for you: Security is with NCT highest requirement also and/or only quite as ASP operators. Our security concept is not only limited to Backup and data encryption, separate enclosure likewise the data availability, handling the data (data security!) as well as archiving. The entrance to the system via InterNet with Firewall, direct switched line (similar or ISDN) or rented line in connection with a user identification and a password ensures an optimal protection from unauthorized accesses.

In summary the following advantages result for you as users in the case of transferred to ASP
  • Renting meeting demand of Applicationen, data and services in combination with a comprehensive service, you over the InterNet or a dedicated VPN (virtually private network) refer.
  • They reduce the TCO by homogenization of your IT infrastructure, the know-how centralization, and improve your internal IT service and the coworker satisfaction
  • With ASP you receive for the first time transparent and calculable IT costs at a monthly fixed price.
  • They get a maximum to speed, security and highest availability by "State OF the Art" Technology and professional services.
  • The innovation projection/lead by current IT technology, urgently necessary in the competition, and the fast introduction of new Applicationen in your enterprise are many more simply realized, and to firmly calculable costs.
  • They always work with the most modern solutions and the most modern technology.
  • They receive world-wide, localindependent access to its information (InterNet).
  • With ASP you concentrate completely on your core authority.