We at NCT see ourselves as an application-oriented problem-solver on fair terms. Not a certain philosophy dependent on a particular manufacturer, but rather the identification with the specific problems of our customers is the basis for the solutions at NCT.

There is probably no other industry, in which mobility, flexibility and consequent respond to new technologies and market developments is as important as it is in computer science. The definition of a philosophy which could be out-dated tomorrow or the concentration on a system which is possibly antiquated after tomorrow would be deadly.Therefore we are flexible within our own company and of course also in the association with our customers. This flexibility is expressed in a modular construction of our soft- and hardware. And it is becoming manifested in a wide spread experience, which is incorporated in our solutions. Since the foundation NCT AG in the year 1977 our user know-how permanently developed. The development of our products didn’t stand still either.

Information is the „elixir“ of the modern company, whichever way it’s structures grew. Fast and problem less data access at every work place frictionless communication within and outside, uncomplicated information handling even for “non-computer freaks” are the today’s requirements. NCT fulfils them!

We have the right software technology and implement the computer science solutions, with which our customers can work economically. The organisational procedures are simplified, the information requirements in the business administration area overall are covered without gap. Thereby costs can be lowered and competitiveness is improved.

The Members of the supervisory board: Dokuments